Puppy Care Information

It has been brought to our attention that those purchasing puppies need to be aware of the water they are being fed. These puppies have been brought up on well water.

IF YOU HAVE COUNTY WATER OR CITY WATER THAT HAS BEEN TREATED PLEASE....PLEASE....only feed your puppies spring water or filtered water the first 2 months they are home.

On rare occasion we are finding that kidney infections have arisen from those on "treated water supplies". Once the puppies have a little more size on them it should be acceptable to give them your current water supply. These suggestions are for puppies purchased at our facility or any other outsource. The key here is the water supply not puppies. Especially with ecoli and other types of contamination of public water supplies, it is neccesary to "treat it." When there is excessive rain, flooding, or random contamination the public works will need to "heavily treat" the water source. In really young puppies, UNTREATED, can cause urinary tract infections.

*Though these symptoms are usually an exception, not the rule, We are only giving you this as a SUGGESTION on how WE recommend you care for your new puppies at homes where public water is their main source.*


For new puppy owners:

The pups are eating


Make sure you read ALL our puppy information. This way we can answer any questions you may have for us regarding these issues at the time of pick up. 

It is preferable that you use of full size plastic crates Favorite brand- Large 450/ X-Large, the 550 Furrarri or the Large 450/X Large 550 PetMate by Dogloo over the use of wire cages. Go to www.Chewy.com for your pet products. Don't wait to get your puppy supplies until you pick up your pup! You DO NOT want to expose your puppy to outside germs in the beginning. 

If you purchase an oversize dog bed (atleast 2 inches thick) it will take up some of the excess space in the crate. Accidents commonly occur in the crates when you have extra "floor space" and when you use a wire crate. If you have other questions feel free to call the kennel at 804-795-5933. 

This is how your puppy crate should look!