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Play Day @ Break of Dawn 
One of the very exciting things we offer here at Break of Dawn are our Play Days.  On Tuesdays you can drop off as early as 7:30am and leave your pet to play all day with other dogs (if they are social) and pick up by 6:00pm. Due to popular demand, we have added an additional Play Day on Thursdays, however drop off is at 9:00am and pick up is at 6:00pm  Your dogs will have plenty of playmates, room to run, and opportunities to relax in the water. There is a covered area in each yard for the dogs to keep away from inclement climate (rain, snow, or sun). Call ahead for pricing and reserve your spot so we know you are coming.   804-795-5933

Tuesdays from 7:30 am to 6:00pm From September Through June. Closed for Play Days in the months of July and August.


COST: $15 per dog


Same POLICIES apply as boarders.

Your dog(s) will have five play yards to help pass the day at Break of Dawn. The dogs will be provided plenty of water, food, and toys to avoid any boredom.  They will also have the experience of great social interaction with other dogs.



Take a look at our play day pictures below! 

PlayDay/pday111.JPG PlayDay/gunnersandy.JPG PlayDay/ellie.JPG PlayDay/Gunner8mos2010.jpg
PlayDay/gunner2010.jpg PlayDay/toy2.JPG PlayDay/toy1.JPG PlayDay/CATPD4.JPG
PlayDay/PD37.JPG PlayDay/PD38.JPG PlayDay/PD36.JPG PlayDay/PD35.JPG
PlayDay/PD34.JPG PlayDay/PD33.JPG PlayDay/PD31.JPG PlayDay/PD30.JPG
PlayDay/PD28.JPG PlayDay/PD27.JPG PlayDay/PD25.JPG PlayDay/PD26.JPG
PlayDay/PD24.JPG PlayDay/PD29.JPG PlayDay/PD21.JPG PlayDay/PD22.JPG
PlayDay/PD18.JPG PlayDay/PD19.JPG PlayDay/PD20.JPG PlayDay/PD12.JPG
PlayDay/PD13.JPG PlayDay/PD14.JPG PlayDay/PD15.JPG PlayDay/PD16.JPG
PlayDay/PD17.JPG PlayDay/PD11.JPG PlayDay/PD10.JPG PlayDay/PD9.JPG
PlayDay/PD8.JPG PlayDay/PD7.JPG PlayDay/PD6.JPG PlayDay/PD5.JPG
PlayDay/PD4.JPG PlayDay/PD3.JPG PlayDay/PD2.JPG PlayDay/PD1.JPG
PlayDay/pday21.JPG PlayDay/pday20.JPG PlayDay/pday19.JPG PlayDay/pday16.JPG
PlayDay/pday15.JPG PlayDay/pday14.JPG PlayDay/pday13.JPG PlayDay/pday12.JPG
PlayDay/pday11.JPG PlayDay/pday10.JPG PlayDay/pday9.JPG PlayDay/pday8.JPG
PlayDay/pday5.JPG PlayDay/pday4.JPG PlayDay/pday6.JPG PlayDay/pday3.JPG
PlayDay/pday1.JPG PlayDay/pday2.JPG PlayDay/byard.JPG PlayDay/playday.JPG