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  Labrador Retrievers-  Thank you for your interest in our breeding program!
**For those of you who have existing reservations on our pups that have already been born you will be contacted shortly regarding your new family member!   Please be patient with us on pups that will be going home after Christmas because we are also a boarding facility - our activities around the farm and kennel will be picking up quickly with the arrival of our Christmas Holiday boarding dogs and we will want to focus on our newest arrivals (your new pup) giving them plenty of love and attention.  This may make response time on emails a little slower than normal. 
Rest assured that we will stay in contact throughout your process. 
We appreciate your time and consideration for using Break of Dawn.
Break of Dawn's A Solar Delight
Super to Sophie pups were born 12/14/14 (litter is completely booked)
 Son of a Super Hero was bred to River Willows- pups born 11/26/2014 (4 boys and 4 girls)- this litter is also booked

In late December we are expecting a chocolate litter Chance was bred to Rain.   We will post more information as it becomes available. 


Break of Dawn's Right as Rain     


2013BreedingDogs/chance.jpg  2013BreedingDogs/2013CHANCE.jpg

Break of Dawn's Taking a Chance

- we are accepting puppy reservation forms now and your $200 deposit to hold your place in the selection of your new family member.

Congratulations to Nita Mawyer who is now recognized by AKC as a Breeder of Merit! (12/4/2012)


2013 Puppy Reservation Forms- click here to download and print

New puppy owners:   pups are eating:   IAMS SMART PUPPY PROACTIVE HEALTH.    It will be very helpful if you read our puppy information (guarantee/do's and don'ts/things to know/crate training etc.- all can be found on the FORMS AND MORE INFORMATION TAB of our website).   This way if you find questions while reading over it - our conversations at the time of pick up will be geared to your questions.  Also, Nita prefers the use of Full size plastic crates Favorite brand- Large 450/ X-Large 550 Furrarri/ 2nd favorite:  Large 450/X Large 550PetMate by Dogloo (Southern States on Williamsburg Road stocks them for us) over the use of wire cages.  If you also purchase an oversize dog bed (atleast 2 inches thick) it will take up some of the excess space in the crate.  Accidents commonly occur in the crates when you have extra "floor space" and when you use a wire crate and partition it off creating a smaller space it could cause issues with "wanting to crate in a small space for extended periods of time".   

If you have other questions feel free to call the Kennel 804-795-5933.

About Our Breeding Program:  Labrador Retrievers

We raise all 3 colors:  Black, Chocolate, Yellow (from the lightest to the old traditional yellow shades).  Our program goal is to produce and breed a "good looking, intelligent, easy to train, very balanced, square in build & porportionate dog to be used in a variety of tasks/areas".

The different uses for these dogs we've determined by their "natural drive" and ability.   Which we often can determine at a very young age.  We are now going into 7-8th generations, We have over 30 years dedicated to this breed.  Alot of our dogs either (one side or both) parents  have or are from Show, Obedience, Canine Good Citizenship (CGC), Hunt-test titles.  Many are multi-titled.  We have a well-diverse blood line which makes us able to produce:  a "sound mind and body" family or service &/or hunting and hunt test capable companion partners.

We guarantee our pups against health defects. 

For more indepth information on a particular pup or litters (present or upcoming).  Call Nita Mawyer @ 804-795-5933 Owner/Breeder of Break of Dawn Kennel.

Here's how to get in touch with us:

Telephone: 1-804-795-5933
Fax: 1-804-795-5983
Or use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Be sure to fill this out completely including email address and phone numbers.  In the Comment/Question section:  give us as much information as possible ie:  color, sex, drive of the puppy, family pet/or hunting companion.


Full name:
Email address:
Comment or question:
What is the best way to contact you?
By email
By phone
Leave your phone #, what is the best time of day to get in touch with you?

NOTE:  Puppies are seen ONLY by Appointment. 
Do not come & expect to see them unless you have a
prearranged appointment with Nita.  We are trying to keep them healthy and safe and NO ONE can see them until after Vaccinations have been done!!! At that point you only have another 7 days until you can meet your newest Family Member.
Important Note:
It has been brought to our attention that those purchasing puppies need to be aware of the water they are being fed.  These puppies have been brought up on well water.  IF YOU HAVE COUNTY WATER OR CITY WATER THAT HAS BEEN TREATED.....PLEASE....PLEASE....only feed your puppies spring water or filtered water the first 2 months they are home.  On rare occasion we are finding that kidney infections have arisen from those on "treated water supplies".  Once the puppies have a little more size on them it should be acceptable to give them your current water supply. 
Thank you Management of Break of Dawn.

Puppy Reservation form click here to download file

We are taking reservations & $200 deposits.  Please fill out form as completely as you can with: sex, color, drive level, your family (children/hunters/any thing else you think will help us help YOU find your perfect new family member.)  It is OUR policy to follow up on reservations 1st!  Then we go through emails/calls that may have called us since our last litters...if you procrastinate you may miss out on your color/sex preference. (in cases where there may only be 1-2 choc females -for an example)..... calls taken @ 804-795-5933 or fill the form out below with cell/phone options as well as email please.... Thank you.

For Directions to the Kennel:
see directions tab on website

You can reserve your future puppy today just fill out our PUPPY RESERVATION FORM
and mail it to us with your $200 deposit (applied to cost of purchasing your puppy)

You can reserve your future puppy todayjust fill out our PUPPY RESERVATION FORM
and mail it to us with your $200 deposit (applied to cost of purchasing your puppy)
Pricing:  $800 for Pet Quality.  There is no difference in pricing based on sex or color.  Puppies are great for companions or hunters (most will come from titled backgrounds-and with an AKC limited registration).   $1800-and up *(effective price change for 2011/price dependent on blood line)is the price for any puppies that will be used for Breeding Purposes (breeding rights) and/or if you want Full Registration on your puppy.  This will need to be discussed with the owner, Nita Mawyer and is to her discretion.  Any questions about pricing should be dealt with directly with Nita Mawyer (804-795-5933)  


Thank you for visiting our web site!