Call (804-795-5933) to speak with Nita for scheduling an appointment and to answer any questions you may have about our training program. We have Three program's that will usually fit any needs a pet owner can have.


First Program 

THE COMPLET ( The most popular and Complete training: for dog's and puppies 6 months and older )

This program requires your dog to stay with us for 2 week's to be able to complete the program.
Your dog will experience ,all that Basic training entails, but then we go further to what I call Formal training. What this entails is more on things like desensitizing them to common and not so common daily distractions, negotiating and going over,around, and through obstacles to build confidence and trust. Finishing up the last week with doing all of  these things off leash with collar conditioning at the end.

Note: all participants of the Complete program with the collar conditioning. You will have control in high pressure /distracting situations, up close and from a distance. This means: we will work with your pet to ignore other people, animals, and objects that you may encounter your daily routine that could be an issue. You will need to be specific if you have a current problem.

 The fee for a one week program is $400. A two week training program is $900 with equipment and complimentary bath and nails. (The E-collar. A water proof with a 500yd range, that has three function vibrate, bump,and panic  button). For owners that have a pair or more dog's that will be trained as a working unit together and separately.

The training fee will be $720 per dog and the cost of equipment if wanted. Each E-collar can handle two but up to three dogs. The initial cost for base collar unit is $180, and each addditional collar is $110. 

Third Program

One on One Training (Any age, Pets)

This is a private session where you have our undivided attention to cover any training /behavior issue.  This can be for unwanted behaviors and how to correct.  From desensitizing and confidence building for owner and pet, to more common things like biting, jumping on people, not pulling on the leash,etc.  A single session is at least one hour.

The fee for pet and owner: Fee $60 

If you wish to have someone else or family to participate in this session:  the Fee is $75 and can be up to 30 minutes longer. It will depend on what we are covering.

Second Program

The Puppy Program ( 4 to 6 months of age)  1 week:  basic obedience 

Includes all on-leash work and some of the desensitizing and confidence training covered in the Complete program.

    Fee: $400 includes boarding, play time, and training

You can implement this program into a Part 1 & Part 2 program meaning you can do the puppy program first and if you keep up with this training and want to move up to the complete training to get your dog working off leash, (Part 2) we can usually complete the program within a one week additional time frame as long as you come back within 2 months of Part 1 training. You may come back later than this time frame, however, it may take slightly longer to complete Part 2 as more time passes.