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Due to recent insurance liability we can not accept new customers with Pit Bull and Pit Bull crosses. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Sending your pets to Break of Dawn is like sending them to camp!  It is very important that our Pet Guests are SOCIAL. This should be a GREAT experience for your pet.

We do everything in our power to keep your pets safe and comfortable.  We cater to all shapes and sizes from mature to elderly dogs, also puppies (with required vaccinations for their age). Dogs that have issues with jumping/climbing fences or digging under fences do not work well with our program.  

NOTE: If you have a latch-flipper or fence climber, it is the OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY to let us know at time of scheduling and drop off. If you bring a dog exhibiting these behaviors we cannot be held liable/responsible for their injury or safety. With that being said, any behaviors that could potentially harm themselves or others must be brought to our attention at the time of booking...not the day of boarding.  It never hurts to also remind the staff member checking in your pet of special needs/behaviors.

Prices for Boarding and Other Services
CAT Pricing  $15 per cat per day

DOG Pricing
Pricing is a NOW a flat rate of $25 per day no matter the size of the dog.  We do not charge on 24 hours periods.  This includes kennel space, sleeping area, and play time.  Play time is 5-8 hours a day with a mid day break. Play time depends on weather conditions.


PRIVATE YARDS must be requested. A must for non-social dogs. Cost is an additional $8 per day.  We have to schedule the private yards in ADVANCE. During PEAK seasons, summer/holidays, private yards are limited to availability.

Intact males (over 7 months of age) -  $8 additional charge

Intact Females (applies if coming in, going, out, or actually in season) - $8 additional charge 

FENCE CLIMBERS take additional time and care and will be an extra $4.00 per day charge.
SHOTS - If shots have been administered a minimum of 30 days after their expiration, pet must have a 72 hour window of time pass after administration of new shots before coming to kennel.
Oral Medications: Daily charge of $1 per perscription, per administration daily (for example - one medication given 2x a day = $2 per day)

Ear Medications: Liquid cleanser for flushing and cleaning, and cream antibiotics, will incur $2 charge per administration.

SPECIAL PRESCRIPTIONS- For dogs requiring INSULIN or other medications that is required after hours, this may incur an additional fee. Please contact the office for pricing.

NO CHARGE for giving Vitamins and Supplements. If dog needs additives with vitamins for example, cheese or peanut butter, owner must provide. 

NO CHARGE for medications put in prebagged food. These MUST be in pill pockets or similar form and clearly labeled.


Bath and Nails   

Small dogs            (1-35lbs)       $25    bath only ($20)
Medium dogs      (36-75lbs)     $35    bath only ($30)
Large dogs           (76lbs +)        $45    bath only ($40)
Nails Only:             $12 for all dogs as a service
Ear Cleaning:        $8 for all dogs as a service
Hygiene Cuts:       Full - ears, stomach, pads, private area  $30

                                    Partial - ears, pads, private area $20

Brushouts:              additional charge of $15 up to 20 minutes

PLEASE call (804-795-5933) if you are running late. Leave a message even if no one answers directly. If we are still here and are able to stay past hours of operation, there is a $10 charge for every 30 minutes we stay beyond closing. This does not guarantee that we will stay; but in cases approved by Nita Mawyer (owner) AND PLEASE NOTE that there will be a charge for Before & After Hours Pick Up/Drop Offs. 

All changes in times/dates/addition-or-subtraction of grooming services need to be called in to the front office.

All scheduling is handled by the office.

Note: Changes communicated at the drop off may not always get relayed to the front office.

Please call the office or stop in to confirm any changes in your reservation. This will prevent any confusion, assure that your reservation is correct, and all additional services requested will be done. Thank you in advance for helping us with this matter.

All Customers, PLEASE READ:

To help  make our kennel more efficient, when leaving a voice mail or faxing reservations please include the following information:
1. Include drop off and pick-up dates and times for each.We request that you give us a 1 hour window in which to drop off and pick up.  This aids us in planning our staffing and working schedules.  NO RESERVATION WILL BE HELD WITH OUT dates & times for drop off and pick up. 
2. Shot records must accompany your boarding request prior to drop off. If your animal has been with us before, please make sure all shots are updated. Shots must be done at least 72 hours before boarding. Your pet must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo - DHLPP combo and Bordatella. It is highly recommended to update bordatella every 6 months. Those north of Fredericksburg also need Lyme, Giardia, and Flu shots (Check with your Vet). Make sure you have a flea and tick preventative especially in the summer months. We recommend Comfortis (The best flea product on the market. This is an oral medication). This medication is good for 30 days and kills flea eggs, baby fleas and adult fleas. For fleas and ticks use Nextguard (oral), and Frontline Plus (topical), or Advantix II(topical). Advantix also covers biting flies and mosquitos.  Click here for an interesting article about dogs and disease.
3. Do you request extra services such as bath, nails, or ear cleaning. Hygiene cuts are also available by scheduled requests.
4. List food or medication you will be bringing. Include instructions on feeding and dispersement of medication(s). The kennel has dry Pedigree adult formula for the boarders on hand.
 5. List all and describe what you will be bringing such as treats/toys/blankets or bedding that would make your baby feel at home. We request that you label and list whatever you bring. If you do not label your belongings AND include an itemized list of belongings, we are not responsible for lost items.

*Services outside business hours are at the discretion of management and will incur additional charges.

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After a lot of soul searching, changes in staffing, and extra work in daily needs, especially during the holiday season, I have decided that we had to make some permanent changes in the boarding rates as of today, November 4, 2018. Taking care of your beloved pets, my employees, and the facility are my priority.

There will be a flat fee per day of $25 per dog, no matter the size.

Cats will be a $15 per day rate.

Additional fees such as private yards, grooming, dispensing of medications, etc. will still incur. 

Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends while we are here doing what we love, taking care of your fur babies! AND remember if you see one of our amazing employees, a "Thank you" means so much! ~ Holiday Blessings, Nita