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2012 Kennel reservation fax form click here to download file

804-795-5933 (office)      804-795-5983 (fax) 
GPS directions:  enter Henrico, Va.
You can now use the attached form to make your boarding requests.    You can book several dates on the SAME form just remember to give us the one hour drop off and pick up times (please) we will call all faxed requests (804-795-5983) to confirm the dates and times.    Thank you for your patience!
Click the link below to see our new boarding request form!
See boarding and grooming for printable price list and online information.
During the summer it is NOT uncommon for us to be booked weeks in advance.  Please call us as soon as you have an idea of your travel itenerary.  Whenever we are full we do have a waiting list for those who book last it NEVER hurts to call and check for availability and/or cancellations or modifications in travel plans.
New Clients:  Please follow these directions (or existing clients with new pets/moved since last visit)
1.  Please fill out the Boarding Agreement (page 1 & 2) found on our Forms TAB
2.  Current shot records to include: Bordatella, Distemper, Rabies and it is necessary for them to be on flea and heartworm preventative.

If any customers are having flea problems….we are STRONGLY advise you to talk to your vet about getting COMFORTIS….this way you won’t have to worry about ANY Fleas. It is good for 30 days… it will kill eggs, baby fleas, and adults. It is important to use it especially during these hot summer months when it seems the "Mega-Fleas" are out in force.** a few dogs have shown up for boarding already with fleas. If we continue to see this we will first notify the client and then charge accordingly.

  **with the high temperatures this summer and dry heat it is imperative that you NOT wait to the last minute to get your bordatella. Nita has been in contact with her vet cases are already showing up in 2011 for bordatella and other illnesses that mimic-the symptoms of bordatella.  If your vet does the bordatella twice a year, it is also recommended that you alternate the intranasal and the injected bordatella.  They both cover different strains, very much like a flu shot each year the mixture is different.  These are suggested guidelines to follow.  (New for 2012- all shots must be done at least 72 hours in advance of your stay).  
 If you do not have a current copy please contact YOUR Vet and ask then to fax it to us at:  804-795-5983. 
3.  Please fax (preferred) the boarding agreement and shots ahead of your stay. Recently, we have had new clients come to drop off and are missing either shot records or their agreementIf we do not have all of the required information WE CANNOT KEEP YOUR PET. There are no exceptions to this- per management.
4.  We feed pedigree dry dog food as part of our program.  If you would prefer to continue what you are currently feeding them please by all means bring it.  As well as any treats/toys/blankets or bedding you would prefer.
5.  We also need to know if your pet has any special needs (prescriptions/storm sensitivities/intact/private yards).
6.  When calling the kennel to establish your reservation we need the following: All requests must be handled @  804-795-5933
a.  Your name, your pets' name, weight, breed, age, spay/neuter/intact, social or behaviors we should know about. 
Also include your drop off date and pick up date including a 1 hour window for when we should expect you. (ex. 10-11 or 530-630)
b.  To make drop off quicker:  tell me about your feeding instructions (on how often your pet is fed/how much at a time/and if you
will be providing food or if pedigree is fine) or any medications we will need to administer.
7.  We offer several grooming options are available on your pick up day.  Our signature baths are the rave and designed to best enhance your pets special needs: hypo-allergenic, conditioners, coat brighteners, and more will leave you smiling for days.  We can also do ear cleaning, nail clipping, and more...just ask us ahead.  If you are scheduled for a bath and decide to pick up early call us atleast 2-3 hours in advance to assure your pet can be bathed and dry before you pick up.  We no longer have a groomer on staff so unfortunately other than hygiene cuts we cannot do them at this time.
8.  Payments ACCEPTED  CASH or CHECK.  We cannot process debit/credit cards.... please plan accordingly.  For stays 4 wks or more, you may be asked to pay some of the cost upfront.  This is at the discretion of the owner.
**It is NEVER too early to book Weekend & Holiday stays including: SPRING BREAK, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and any other Important dates.  Please DO NOT send reservation requests through the comment section of this website or email. 
Service outside business hours are at the discretion of management and will incur additional charges!!!**  You are welcome to call (804-795-5933) if you plane is late getting in and see if we are still here (leave a message)  If WE are and are willing to remain behind (stay late) there is a $10 charge for every 30 minutes we stay beyond closing.  This does not guarantee that we will stay but in cases approved by Nita Mawyer (owner) you will know it is a charge for After Hours Pick Up or Before Hour drop offs.  Note:  this is the exception not the rule
All changes:  times/dates/addition-or-subtraction of grooming services need to be called in to the front office.  Since all scheduling should be handled by the office (sometimes the changes are being told in the back @ drop off and it didn't get communicated in the front office to Nita/Mary).  This can cause problems with dogs not being bathed on the proper day or needing to pickup early/later and us not having your pet ready to go.  If you tell someone in the back about a change... Please call the office/or stop in and let us know up here.  That way there should be no confusion on departure dates/times or if your pet is being groomed on a certain day/or by a certain time.  We do everything we can to assure that your tickets are correct/and your pet has the best possible stay while they are here!   Thank you in advance for helping us with this matter.  Office staff/Owner of Break of Dawn Kennels.
We are CLOSED ALL HOLIDAYS for drop offs and pick ups.
As a reminder:  we are closed @ 130 on Wednesday and Saturdays.
FAX: 804-795-5983
PLAY DAY!!!  Call us to reserve your spot!
Pricing: (5-40 pounds) $ 12 (41 and up) $15
there is an intact fee for male dogs and you should tell us if you are new if your dog is intact.
PlayDay/gunnersandy.JPG PlayDay/pday111.JPG PlayDay/ellie.JPG
Puppies- $800 & Up
 Labrador Retrievers expected to be born in June.  No more Golden Retrievers until later Fall 2014.  Thank you for your interest in our breeding program
Please do not CALL to see the pups when they are only a few weeks old...and NO ONE sees them until after their shots have been completed (then they go into quarantine for 72 hours) to assure no issues with vaccinations.  After that you will be able to take the puppy home with you at that time.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  It is for your puppies safety that we ask you to honor our policy
Pricing:  $800 for Pet Quality.  There is no difference in pricing based on sex or color.  Puppies are great for companions or hunters (most will come from titled backgrounds-and with an AKC limited registration).   $1800-and up *(effective price change for 2011/price dependent on blood line)is the price for any puppies that will be used for Breeding Purposes (breeding rights) and/or if you want Full Registration on your puppy.  This will need to be discussed with the owner, Nita Mawyer and is to her discretion.  Any questions about pricing should be dealt with directly with Nita Mawyer
(804-795-5933) we will post upcoming litters on the website as well confirm the breedings *unless the litter is already pre-booked prior to the litter being born.  We update pictures online periodically and litter pictures are sent when reserved and available.
For more information click on puppies & what's available for more information.   

After Labor Day, we will begin offering Dog Obedience Training for our clients.  Please call the office to discuss options/pricing/and schedule your family member for some great training.   I've attached a couple video clips of Simon (he is one of our lab puppies - 8 months old and is starting some really neat training)!  Dog Obedience (basics):  sit, stay, down, here/come and also "desensitizing" which means that we will work with your pet to "not care" when - cats, chickens, ducks, other dogs, horses, sheep, goats, and more....or even active children who  like to play hard will not even make your dog flinch!

See Training Page Tab for more information.

Customer Special Note:  Security Survellience is used in entry, boarding, and farm areas to protect  our boarders and our pets.  Entry before or after hours is considered trespassing and will be dealt with accordingly.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday:    
9-1:30 & 4-6 pm

Wednesday: 9-1:30pm ONLY

Saturday  9-1:30pm ONLY

PLAY DAY ON TUESDAYS-  $15/per dog (36lbs or more)  $12 for up to 35 lbs.

Will resume after Labor Day 2011

Sunday:  10-1:30 and 4:30-6:30pm

SHOT/PREVENTATIVE INFORMATION: You pet must be up to date on the following shots:  Bordatella (BORD), DHLP (Distemper/Parvo), & Rabies.  It is also important that you have your pet on a Heart worm preventative and FLEA/TICK preventative.  We have had occurrences where new clients have brought their pets with current shots but, no other preventative...this is not safe for other boarders or your pet!